Any ladies had a dental filling just before or during their pregnancy?

If so, what type of filling did you have?
(Might be good to create a poll, but I'm new to this and don't know how to create one.)

I'm concerned about:
amalgam = mercury
resin composite = bpa
My local dentist told me it's okay for pregnancy, but I"m not really sure.

I've heard of glass ionomer, but may not be strong enough for my molar tooth filling. Though may be safest of the 3 filling types.

I doubt if can wait till pregnancy finished to have the filling as have some pain from bit of decay. Plus I have v sensitive and softish teeth!

It would be interesting to see if any women had amalgam or resin composite filling during pregnancy to see if it's commonly used now, as I'm wondering if I'm just feeling overly anxious and all these fillings are okay to use. Or maybe there are newer types of these fillings that prevent any toxic leakage.

Would like to get some recommendations on good (and reasonably priced) dentists who understand the concerns of pregnant ladies.