I am 11 weeks + 3 pregnant and I've been to my first 'check-up' at Queen Elizabeth hospital. To my surprise I was not given a scan, was told a lot of information but wasn't asked anything about my pregnancy or issues/symptoms etc. When the midwife finished talking I was shuffled off for a blood test.

Anyway, I am having some irritation downstairs that I am quite sure is an infection. I called Wan Chai family planning to see if they can test me and they said they don't do those tests on anyone who is pregnant and that I should call my hospital.

So i called Queen Elizabeth Hospital and they said I need to go to A&E. I can't quite believe that my only option is to go to accident & emergency and wait in the waiting room for who knows how long.

Does anyone know a private doctor who can do those sort of tests? Should any GP be able to do it?