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GSIS KG1 interview

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    GSIS KG1 interview

    We just received the interview assessment interview for my 3 year old daughter from GSIS. May I know if there's any tips for the interview? We have no priorities at all but want to give it a try.

    P.S. my daughter is attending local kindergarten and speaks both in English and Cantonese.

    Many thanks!

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    Congratulations on getting an interview!

    From what I understand the K1 interviews are fairly easy. Kids are separated from their parents and taken to a playroom with lots of toys. Teachers walk around and observe them - paying attention to their gross motor skills, interaction with other kids (sharing) and language. They will also be asked a few questions or to draw a picture.

    Best not to stress too much, as this rubs off on the child. A friend's child cried and unfortunately was not offered a place.

    Best of luck!

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