Hi to all. Just a quick note, this is my first post and I’m looking for honest advice/answers from people who have experience in baby nutrition.

Background: My son who is 10 months old now is under the care of myself for about 55 hours during the week. As his mother and I are separated, and while she works and I go to university, my son is cared for by his grandmother (her mom) for many hours throughout the week.

Concern arose about what he was being fed when they allowed him to eat Nutella at the age of 6 months, as well as pizza crust and Walmart cookies – link is here: https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/great-v...ABEgIaPfD_BwE#

As conversation about introducing new foods continued, I have been told that he eats a lot of food from the table. This includes rice pudding with added brown sugar, homemade licorice and Dairy Queen ice cream. Recently, at 9 months, he was being fed a similar “Great Value” cookie with ingredients starting with modified flour, palm oil, canola oil, glucose, etc. Upon picking him up one day, he was handed a dyed red valentines cookie as a ‘snack’.

Foods listed above are the worst of which I have discovered on my own or have been told. Last week he was dropped off with me and shortly after beginning to play with his toys, threw up Chinese food (noodles). The following day his stomach seemed disturbed as he did not eat much and did not have his regular poop (all day).

I have been criticized for constipation in the past, while feeding him (and continue to feed him) all-natural foods such as homemade rice, blueberries, organic oats, homemade sweet potato puree, homemade organic apple sauce, organic carrot puree, quinoa, high quality cheese, etc.

My concerns are these: are the ‘bad’ foods listed above really okay for him? Is it possible that such a wide spread diet of table food is causing constipation and irregular bowel movements? What are the risks of feeding him such things? Is my concern for my son over the top?