Hi Mamas,

So I'm on the NET scheme and my school is offering me another contract (Aug. 2019-Aug 2021). I love my work so much and they are really supportive. I work with great teachers and see many mothers on and off maternity leave and always coming back. I feel like this is a great place for me to work and I really enjoy it. I have my own space, which is actually perfect for pumping breast milk and I have allowed teachers to come in and pump in the past. It's a great place, however, I am concerned about my time away..... I live on Lamma Island and the ferry I must take is 620....meaning, I am up at 5:15 AM and out the door by 6:05. I can normally get home at about 6 PM. The school is far up in the hills of Kwun Tong.

I have a helper who is great with kids and my husband is 100% stoked about having a child and is fully supportive. I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 5/6 months and had 1 chemical pregnancy. I want to sign another contract but I feel like my school is too far and the NET scheme is really competitive. It's quite difficult to find an ideal school nearby, especially on HK island. If I leave this contract, I risk being able to find a place to work nearby and I am the main breadwinner. We just signed another 2 years with our flat (which is honestly a perfect home for a family) and we really don't want to move. I have that great balance - good job / great home...just have to commute.

My main question:If I sign and am able to have a baby and have 1 more school year left on my contract, will 6 AM to 6 PM be too difficult? I feel like I am able to manage quite a lot but this feels like a whole new ballgame. It's a LIFE! Anyone else on a schedule like this?

I worry about not seeing the child...only seeing him/her in the middle of the night and for about 1 hour a day. I feel like hubs can take care of baby in the morning time and I have the evenings to spend time before bed time.

I think this schedule will only be for about 9 - 12 months but I am a little nervous about it. I will be talking to my school about adjusting the hours a little, but doubt they will budge that much as they like to play very fair.

Appreciate your feedback and experiences. x