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Early pregnancy discharge with blood

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    Early pregnancy discharge with blood

    Hi All! I have a few questions I hope somebody can help out with. Im 9 weeks pregnant today and my due date is 7th December. This is my first pregnancy, which had been going fine up until a few days ago. I began noticing pink discharge after wiping. It was the day after I had intercourse so i suspected it might have been caused by that. Regardless I decided to get a scan. Doc detected heartbeat and all looked good. But the discharge continued that day and the next and I noticed that it turned from pink to brown to red. I went back to the emergency and got some detailed examinations including a speculum exam and transvaginal ultrasound. All seemed fine so I was sent home. The doctors didnt give me any reason for why this might be happening. Just asked me to come back if it continued. I then felt a discharge, brown and red colour, and Im a little concerned now. I think it might be the mucus plug that unplugged because of the pelvic exam? I would really appreciate if anyone has any advice on why this is happening, if its normal for first timers and early pregnancy, and if I should be concerned (more than I am already)?

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    I experienced the exact same thing last month. I was 9 weeks and I went for a transvaginal scan with Dr. Stevenson after a few days of light spotting (brown turned to red) and heartbeat was detected but doctor said if it continues it can go one of two ways. Only time will tell. I searched the internet for positive stories and seems there are a lot of cases of spotting in the first trimester and it can be completely normal. Unfortunately for me I miscarried after about 10 days of spotting. Hope it's a different case for you tho :)

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    Sha123, how are you doing? Yes, spotting is very common during pregnancy. Hope you are ok

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