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Is there any free legal service for child maintenance case in Hong Kong?

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    Post Is there any free legal service for child maintenance case in Hong Kong?

    I have been seeing a hong kong guy for 3 years, our relationship wasn't smooth. I know nothing about him , his family and friends. We met while we on our vacation oversea. After he get to know me, he came to my country and started his investment in properties.

    I was planing to leave this guy because i wasn't happy to be with him and I found out he cheated on me many time, I tried to gave him chances but nothing can be fix and change.

    I found out I am pregnant and now my daughter is 6 months old. During my pregnancy, i was on my own most of the time. He visited me monthly, we always fight. I was mentally and physically hurt. I asked him if he want me to keep the baby, he said he will responsible for her. Every hospital visit, I have to beg him to transfer expenses to me. Sometime he reimburse sometime not, deepened on his mood.

    He has been disappear from the week of 32, no communication nor reply on chat applications. My due date was in November, I received email from him saying he is sorry for everything, he doesn't know what to do and how to face my family and friends. He hope everything goes well. I gave birth to my baby girl alone and my family responsible for all expenses.

    During new year he visited me again, I asked for responsible, he said sorry he has no money and he will reimburse back in the future. I asked him to go for DNA test and register the baby under his name but he refuse. During his visit he gave me around HKD 2200, he said that is for child maintenance. He said every month he will bank-in HKD 2200 but I just received in on January, February and May.

    I would like to know what is the normal rate for child maintenance in Hong Kong?

    I don't want to be with this guy and I don't want my daughter to experience any kind of domestic violence but I really want him to at least responsible for the baby. I tried to communicate with him but did't work.

    Is there any free legal service I can consult and get the advice for my case?

    Thank you

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    Hello, am sorry you are going through this.

    This is a very complicated situation as you are not in Hong Kong, and also the father's name is not on the birth certificate.

    The first step is to prove the paternity.

    Here is some information for Free legal advice
    The Duty Lawyer Service : Free Legal Advice Scheme : Free Legal Advice Scheme

    Good luck!

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