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Foregin with a baby with Hong Kong local man

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    Foregin with a baby with Hong Kong local man


    I am working in Hong Kong for a few years. One year ago I gave birth here. Father is from Hong Kong. We are a couple, not married. When I was pregnant he was cheating on me with another girl, for a few months and everybody knew about it except me. I was a few months pregnant when she send me their pictures showing everything and telling me about their sex life. He was also seeing other girlfriends at that time and probably sleeping with them too. The girl was sleeping with other guys and spreading sex disease to me as well through him. He told me that he will get me apartment, because I wanted to move out as fast as possible. Now is already one year after that and still didnt keep his promise. His family doesnt know anything, and they still think he is so good man and that there is something wrong with me. I am thinking to go to lawyer, but I have zero budget. I am having proof of him cheating and his promises on Whatsapp. I dont know what to do. I cant move by my own right now, because I have not enough money. I am thinking to tell his parents the truth, but I know they will be on his side no matter what. I wonder if Hong Kong law will be on my side at that case.

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    Hello Mia,

    You may apply for Legal Aid in Hong Kong :)

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