Hi everyone,

I got my initial sonography that confirmed my pregnancy done back home in india, and my gynaec suggested that I get the NIPT & HArmony test done here around my 12th week...I was struggling between whether to opt for the private or public system here in hk...the private system seemed super expensive and someone suggested that QE hospital is good...i went there for my initial consult (freaked out honestly with all possibilities of complexities they say babies can have)...now they mentioned that they test for Down's syndrome and have an OSCAR test for the same..they said the NIPT test is great to do but needs to be done with a private doc and can cost anywhere between 3000- 10,000 HKD..so here are my questions:

1) is the NIPT/ Harmony test something that feels essential or is reccomended, if we are already doing the OSCAR test?
2) Any experiences with these tests or knowing the differences?
3) Any idea where to get the done or the costs involved for the same?

Please help as i would be due for the tests very soon

thanks so much, ladies!