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Sanatorium Costs + ObGyn

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    Sanatorium Costs + ObGyn


    I am very new to both HK healthcare structure and pregnancy and would really appreciate your support on helping me decide on a ob/gyn and on how much it would cost to deliver at Sanatorium.

    Q - Is there any particular benefit (monetary or otherwise) of using an in-house Hospital ob/gyn vs an external doc? I am 8w and having been going to Sanatorium for my initial checkups with their in-house ob/gyn, which have been a bit rushed. I still haven’t been asked for a blood test or a prenatal vitamin (except Folic Acid)

    Q - What is a ballpark cost of normal delivery at Sanatorium ? Most of the cost is covered by my decent health plan but if I do the math, I will still end up paying a good 20-30K out of pocket. Is that normal for HK?

    Thank you!!!

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I remember my first appts were short too. Dr told me to buy a pregnancy book from the shop. Was a bit disappointed that he wasn't as excited as us. To be honest they don't do very much in the early stages.

    Dr said home pregnancy kits are accurate and we didn't do a blood test either. Think I took folic for first trimester and only added a prenatal vit in 2nd trimester. Maybe give it a couple more visits. You can always switch later.

    Yes, you may end up paying $20-30K out of pocket.

    Room Charges are $22-55K
    You need to find out what the Drs' fees are - OBGYN Anesthetist, Pediatrician (FYl their fees increase depending on your room type).
    Epidural - $7-12K

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    Thank you! This is helpful and a relief honestly.

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