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Local kindergarten (when to apply, and vouchers?)

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    Local kindergarten (when to apply, and vouchers?)

    Hey there,

    My wife and I are trying to find out how to avail the vouchers (or subsidy) available for parents living in HK. Our baby is almost 2 years old and we're trying to make sure he can into a local kindergarten when he's ready (or when he reaches their required age) and we're getting overwhelmed with reading through the site for information.

    Was wondering if there's any links where we can get a more straight forward answer. Basically, we want to know if we have to apply for him to go to school first and then the voucher? Or is the voucher only available to specific schools? We want him to go to a local school, one, it's cheaper and two, we'd like him to learn some basic cantonese as well (nobody speaks cantonese at home).

    Any help is appreciated.


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    *following* :)

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