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Induction of labour?

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    Induction of labour?

    Hello !
    I am pregnant and due next week. I’ve had a normal pregnancy so far without any complication.
    The private doctor that follows me has been pushing for an induction at 39 weeks (earlier this week) but I pushed back so far as I don’t see the point especially as I am well and the baby too.

    Now he has booked me for an induction on my due date instead and I have said no too. I am not too sure why the doctors here seem to be “induction-happy” when there is no medical justification and I feel stressed as they make it sound like if I don’t get induced I won’t have a normal and safe delivery 🤷🏻*♀️
    He first said I had GD (im just above the threshold but there has been no specific follow up and QMH confirmed it’s still normal), then he said the baby may be too big (it’s estimated to 3.2kg as of now). Now he keeps saying “to avoid complication” but there has been none so far so I’m quite concerned...

    QMH where I am followed too, mentioned the possibility for inducing labour one week after term if labour has not started by then which seemed to me like the “usual/standard” process.

    Has anyone had similar experiences with HK obgyn? Is it a standard practice of the doctors here to manage their calendars ?

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    Unfortunately this is very common with private Drs and its been going for years. Yes, they like to manage their calendars plus they earn more for a c-section.

    I was pressured by a Dr as well, and switched in my second trimester. I did go over by a week and fortunately the Dr let nature take its course. If you want a natural delivery would suggest speaking to the mid-wives at Annerley and see if they can recommend a Dr who would take you on at this stage.

    Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply ! Unfortunately it would be too late to switch doctors, this one was actually highly recommended to me as I did not want to deliver in public hospital in the current situation...

    Doctor is actually very good, but after speaking to other women it seems the 39 week induction is his standard practice no matter what. So now I’m just hearing repeatedly that if I don’t get induced now I risk the C section... I’m barely 40 weeks, no complication and no issue with the baby...

    This is really not the best way to conclude a first pregnancy. I just regret having to rely on such people who do not want to leave nature do its job but instead try to scare people into doing something which is not be necessary.
    I hope I’ll deliver naturally soon so that I don’t have to manage this anymore!!

    Thank you again

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    Hi, can you tell me if you ended up getting induced or needing a c section? I am trying to decide between private and public hospital for delivery and I'm concerned with the pressure from private doctors to induce or do c section.

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