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Babies first UK passport

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    Babies first UK passport


    Im looking for friendly advise about babies born in HK and the application process for UK passport. Mother and father both hold UK passports so I'm hoping the process is fairly straightforward.

    Can anyone enlighten me? Baby due November 2020. How early can I apply for babies first UK passport? I know they ask for original birth certificates but wanted to ask if scanned copies are accepted as i think the application process can be done online. Im a little confused about the process but if I need to send hard copies of the birth certificates for mother, father and grandparents because parents born 1986 and 1987 then with current postal to UK it is likely to take months and months after November when baby is here!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hoping to go on holiday with baby early April 2021, although I might be pushing it with the time of delay for applications!

    Thank you.

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    Hey, we're in a similar situation, both British, baby expected end of November. Don't suppose you have found out the answer to your questions? We've been advised by an agency in HK who will process applications on your behalf that current processing times are 4-6 months due to Covid delays.

    I'll let you know if we find out anymore, best of luck.

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    No I still haven't found out the answer. I have heard the same though about using an agency. British connections has come up in conversation, I think that was what it was called. I'm wondering though if it might be a bit faster if I process the application myself.

    Do shout up if you hear anything else to help us both. Thanks


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    Hi Ladies!

    A couple of mums who have recently applied have said processing is very quick. Apply online. A friend who had her baby in the UK applied online on Sept 17th and its already been sent out. Less than a month.

    They've said to add 1-2 weeks for overseas applications.

    Good luck!

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    I am also looking to get a British passport for my baby (born April) - Did you find out if you have to send the actual physical documents over for the application? I know it used to be a completely online application but now things seem to have changed?


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