Hi everyone,

I have recently had health issues: deep vein thrombosis that led to a massive bilateral pulmonary embolism. This whole thing happened because it was misdiagnosed to begin with, despite the fact that I had seen several doctors (one in Matilda clinic, the other at Canossa hospital).

We would like to start trying to conceive soon, but this will be a difficult pregnancy, the surveillance will have to be thorough because pregnancy multiplies the risks of blood clotting, and I am at high risk of developping an embolism again, which could easily be fatal the second time around.

I am now obviously having trust issues with doctors here, so I was wondering if someone here has had any similar problems and know an OBGYN experienced in that field?

It also appears that those blood coagulation issues are more frequent among the caucasian population. Therefore, it would be important for that doctor to have practiced in an occidental country for a while.

In your opinion - who would be the most qualified doctor in that sense?

Thank you so much in advance for your help.