Hello fellow mums-to-be,

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and just went for my first early Ultrasound scan with a private doctor. The private clinic recommended me to do the NIFT- PRO test to test for the chromosomal disorders which includes Down syndrome. The cost is $5500.

I have also registered at Tsan Yuk at 12 weeks first antenatal checkup. Which I have read includes the routine blood test which also test for PAPP-A &HcG that lets you know the risk of Down syndrome.

My questions are:

1. What exactly are included in my first antenatal checkup at Tsan Yuk hospital? (From old threads it says routine blood tests, PAPP-A and HcG,, Down syndrome blood tests, Ultrasound scan)
Can someone confirm this?

2. Has anyone done the the NIFT Pro blood test before? Is it necessary? Or a nice add-on to the checkups?

Just trying to decide as the NIFT Pro test is quite pricey. If I can get the same results from Tsan Yuk then I probably won’t do the private blood test.

Thanks a lot!