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Cranio Sacral Therapy for Infants

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    Lightbulb Cranio Sacral Therapy for Infants

    During delivery the baby experience natural and unnatural forces on its body as it travels through the birth canal. When force is applied to the head such as when forceps or ventouse suction is used then the upper neck muscles and base of the head may be traumatised. This can contribute to the previously mentioned newborn problems, which can be alleviated by the gentle manipulation. Babies heal very quickly because they are still growing and their soft tissues and skill are still very supple. This contributes to the quick results that are apparent with CS therapy

    Cranio Sacral therapy is used for a wide range of different complaints. We use it with babies alot, the treatment is not invasice and is very gentle. Some of the symptoms cranio sacral therapy is good is for reflux, colic, unsettledness, asymmetric head shape.

    Many common ailments that newborns experience can be helped in a short time-frame with the use of CS therapy. The problems that can noticeably respond to the therapy include excessive irritability, colic, excessive regurgitation (reflux), cranial asymmetry, torticollis and bowel dysfunction.

    There appears to have been a huge increase in the amount of babies being treated for reflux in our population group in Hong Kong. Amongst some informal mothers and baby groups that we have contact with more than half the babies are being medicated with Prepulsid, a drug that is commonly prescribed for reflux. Many of these mothers would rather use a treatment that does not have potentially dangerous cardiac side effects but do not know of its availability. CS Therapy can be very effective in these babies.

    We have also noticed a large increase in the number of babies with cranial asymmetry. This is in part because we are now putting our babies to sleep on their backs to prevent cot death. The baby may become accustomed to having their head lying to one side and because of the soft nature of their skull a flat spot forms that can make it difficult for them to look to the other side. This often causes their face to become asymmetrical and when viewed from above one ear may be further forward than the other. The asymmetry will lessen over time but will not resolve completely in all cases. With the use of CS Therapy this can be minimalised significantly, and in many cases completely resolved after six treatments or less.

    There are no known adverse effects from CS Therapy. Nearly all mothers and babies find the treatment calming.

    If you decide to use CS therapy then it is best to get a referral from your paediatrician for insurance purpose. If you are not breast-feeding, bring a bottle of whatever milk you are using,a pacifier (if you use one), fresh diapers and a favorite toy. Ideally schedule the appointment for a time of day when your baby is usually resting or feeding. Home visits are provided if neccessary.

    For more information on CS, you can contact Caroline Rhodes at The Body Group

    The Body Group
    Tel: 2167 7305
    E-mail: [email protected]

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