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I have a cold!

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    Gretchen is offline Registered User
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    Unhappy I have a cold!

    And it is really awful! I haven't been able to see my private Doctor yet, and was wondering if there are any moms who caught a cold while pregnant and what did they take, if anything. I need relief!

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    Oh no! So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well.

    I did get a cold during my pregnancy but I relied on home remedies which were a great help.

    1. Drank lots of hot liquids. (honey lemon tea)
    2. Steaming
    3. Gargarled with salt water

    Hope you get better soon! :bwinky

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    Gunjan Kapur is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2002
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    Dear G,
    I got a cold too when I was pregnant with my daughter. Try this:
    Its a sort of indian tea with herbs that works very well .

    Boil half a glass of water with half a glass of milk. add a spoonful of tea leaves, add some ginger...kepp on boiling for 4-5 min until it gets stronger. just a min before pouring in a cup add a pinch of freshly powdered pepper. (If you have heard of the indian herb TULSI , available at GREAT....a few leaves of that too.)

    This is called 'Kada' in india and works well as ginger and pepper help you get rid of the cold. Its strong though.
    Drink this 3-4 times in a day.

    My doctor gave me a cough syrup and said its all right to drink it but me choose not to listen to the doctor with 30 years of experiance and drank the KADA for 3 days and got rid of it.

    Get well soon.

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    I had a very bad cold and was in the States so I wasn't able to see my Gyno. I used Vicks on my nose and chest and in a few days, I was fine. A few weeks later, I got a cough and called her up. She told me to take natural cough drops, like Richola, but without any mint.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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