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Common challenges in early postpartum period

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    Common challenges in early postpartum period

    Common challenges in early postpartum period:

    · Engorgement
    · Sore nipples
    · Incorrect latch – breastfeeding problems
    · Unsettled baby
    · No routine
    · Tired parents – not enough rest
    · Emotional imbalance

    Helpful tips:
    · Use all the help you can get in the hospital regarding breastfeeding
    · Make sure that the baby is latching on correctly
    · Use LANSINOH nipple cream in last weeks of pregnancy and always after feeding
    · Cabbage leaves
    · Hot packs
    · Fennel tea
    · Washable breast shields rather than disposable
    · Air dry the nipples
    · Feed no longer than 30 minutes each side per feed
    · Learn good bathing and massage techniques for baby
    · Understand need for adjustment period – don’t expect routine the first 3 weeks
    · Limit visitors the first 2 weeks, especially in the hospital
    · Turn off the phones
    · Get a nap every day when the baby is sleeping
    · Take at least one walk outside per day – ½ hour to begin with, but then increase when you feel ready
    · Allow the baby some “cuddling time” when unsettled, don’t be to stuck in the routine
    · Let a healthy baby sleep as much as it wants in the night time, but wake the baby up if wanting to sleep for more than 4 hours in a stretch in the daytime
    · Enjoy your baby and understand that all babies are different. You might have a sleepy one or an alert one, and to learn to know the baby you will have to spend some days exploring. The less disturbance and more open mind you have, the easier it goes
    · Organise for a midwife to help you in the first three weeks after the birth – they help with the above mentioned, and are in cooperation with the paediatricians. Such help is usually covered by insurance, and can be arranged as set packages.

    Source: Annerley Midwives September 2002
    For more information contact Hulda Thorey

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    speaking of fennel tea, where can i get some? baby officially has colic!

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