Pregnancy Massage - Level I

Tutor: Davina MacPherson

Mondays, 10 Feb - 24 Feb ( 3 sessions)
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Fee: $600 or $850 per couple

This course is designed to teach simple and effective massage techniques for supporting a lady throughout her pregnancy for easing muscle aches and pains, while helping her to relax and let go of stress & tension. In level 1 we will focus on the back, neck, shoulders & stomach, and you will be taught how to massage the mum-to-be whilst sitting upright in a chair or while lying down (on her side from 4-5 months).

Pregnant ladies are welcome to come along to learn these techniques themselves or to bring a partner (husband, friend or relative) who can learn the techniques to support them through their pregnancy. Non-pregnant ladies (therapists) are requested to bring a partner to practice on. We require each person to bring 2 large towels, and to wear loose comfortable clothing (which you don't mind getting a bit of oil on). Massage oil provided.

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