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Birthday Party Venues

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    Decoration & party #s

    Baloons and streamers in bright colors

    I once heard a formula for the # of kids to attend is

    Child's age X2 +1

    So if your child is 3 years old, maximum number of guests is 7. I usually try to keep it way below the maximum. For both my kids the average number of guests is now 5.


    Simple games
    Maybe an "art project" (I get paper bags and stickers and markers and glitter glue and let the kids make their own "goody bags")
    "Prizes" for the goody bags: mini-pots of playdoh, the stickers and markers they used, candy.
    Water baloon toss (outdoors!)
    "Egg and spoon race" (I used pinpong balls, which were also prizes that they got to keep)

    I did once go to a kids party held at "The Climbing Wall" at the YMCA in TST. It was nice and the kids had fun. But... Maybe I'm just stingy, but I think of the expense and how it "ups the ante" (how will other parents "compete" with that) and while I was happy to go to it, I would have hated to have had to organize the whole thing.

    But... different people have different styles. There's no RIGHT way to have a kids party.

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    Really great ideas Loupou, I'll definitely keep them in mind when I plan parties for little ones.

    I too believe parties should be simple. It might sound strange to people but for my son's first birthday I invited no one !! Dressed him real special, took loads of pictures, gave him his first taste of sugar...weird ?..maybe but he enjoyed himself. We didn't have to worry about a thing so relaxed and enjoyed his big day with him giving him all our attention.

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    Could you kindy post the Party Venue link again as I am unable to connect to it.
    Greatly appreciate it
    Thank you

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