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Prevention of SARS: How to Wear a Facemask

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    Prevention of SARS: How to Wear a Facemask

    Prevention of SARS: How to Wear a Facemask

    Wearing facemask properly offers satisfactory protection against respiratory tract infections. People with respiratory symptoms and those who have close contact with confirmed cases of atypical pneumonia should wear a facemask to reduce the chance of spread of infection. Their carers and those visiting sick people in hospitals should also wear a facemask. The general public may wear a facemask for self protection.

    Points to note:

    • Wash hands before wearing a facemask.
    • Follow the instructions on the packet carefully, if available.
    • In general, when wearing a surgical facemask, the following should be noted:

      - The facemask should fit snugly over the face.
      - The coloured side of the facemask should face outside.
      - Tie all the strings that keep the facemask in place or fix the rubber bands of the facemask round the ears properly.
      - The facemask should fully cover the nose, mouth as well as the chin.
      - The metallic wire part of the facemask should be fixed securely over the bridge of the nose to prevent leakage.
      - Under general circumstances, the surgical mask should be changed daily
    • Put the facemask into a plastic bag and tie it properly before putting it into a rubbish bin.
    • Replace the facemask immediately if it is damaged or soiled.

    Wearing a facemask is just one of the ways to prevent respiratory tract infections. The most important thing a person should do is to observe good personal hygiene. For example, wash hands frequently with liquid soap, especially after sneezing, coughing or cleaning the nose.

    Department of Health
    March 29. 2003
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