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Milk After 1

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    milk after age 1

    with my 4 yr old, we switched to fresh milk after he turned 1...but in hindsight, i wished we stayed with formula longer because he became skinnier after that and is a little small-boned compared to my friends' kids who stayed on formula milk.

    as for formulas, i'm just starting to supplenent my 3 month old. we started with enfamil a+ once a day but it seems to be giving him constipation. also, he had some mild eczema which is getting worse. i'm thinking of switching to S-26 (less iron) or soy but have heard that soy is higher in synthetic estrogens; need to talk to doctor about it. any advice?

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    Hi Patty,

    Thanks for asking about this, cos I've been wondering about it too.

    I've been told that at 12 months a child should be eating a variety of solids and have a reasonably balanced diet. So all they need is the calcium, protein, Vit D, and fat that is in Whole Milk.

    However, if your child is a bad eater than I guess it makes sense to continue with formula to ensure he gets the necessary nutrition added in formulas.

    Soya formulas do contain synthetic estrogens. However, researchers have not been able to conclude any negative effect on kids.

    Dr Sears has written a comprehensive article on the different types of formulas. Here's the link.

    I suggest you speak to yr Dr about the eczema, constipation, and any other concerns before you switch formulas.

    Good luck!

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    I've read a few researches lately that soy beans are not good for boys... I don't know what to believe now.

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    Thanks Rani.

    Dr Sears's article has most of the questions I have about regular fomulars and soy. It's a great article.

    I've only recently switched my 2 yr old from Isomil to Enfagrow (about 4mths ago) as she has been having diaherra and little ezema problem. She seems be easily constipated with Enfagrow and I have to give her prune sauce, orange, papaya and as much water as she is willing to take (but no more than 20oz according to the doctor), plus leafy vegetables like bak choi, broccili, lettuce, etc. And she seems to be alright with the above diet. When she was on soy, she's definitely skinnier and looks a bit paler (not sure if that has anything relationship).

    From my experience, the doctor would recommend different diet, formulas, etc but I found that the key thing is to test it out with your baby and see how he/she reacts with different combinations of food. However, I know there are tests doctor can run to see what your baby is allergic to (although they say it's not that accurate until your child become 4). It may however, work as a guideline.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Good Luck.

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