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Tips for Choosing a Baby Monitor

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    Tips for Choosing a Baby Monitor

    • Look for a portable model that you can easily move around the house with. That means the parent's receiving unit should have a battery-powered option.
    • You need a minimum of two channels, so you can switch over in case of static or interference.
    • Two-way transceivers are good as you can soothe your baby remotely with the sound of your voice.
    • Look for a sturdy model with curved edges that will withstand your little one’s curious hands. Also ensure that there aren’t any parts that can be pulled off and swallowed.
    • In Hong Kong where range is not really a problem, do still check the range against your floor space. Some can go as far as 180m.
    • Check for safety certification - if it has met US, UK or Australian standards, which are high.
    • Before use, test the monitor by having an adult speak into the transmitter while you walk around your flat to find “dead spots” where the signal is blocked.
    • Keep the monitor away from cordless phone and radios, which are likely sources of interference.

      Although baby monitors are a great aid for parents, there is no substitute for parental supervision. Do check on your baby periodically.
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    baby monitors

    Hi - how do i find a baby monitor that has no static? i bought the Lyndham (sp?) from bumps to babes, but it's still too noisy -even though i've switched channels. I've tried to get a digital one , but havent found any place that sells it. Any ideas?

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    Hi Kemerton - I also used the Lyndham first, but the noise just drove me crazy... So I bought a Philips DECT digital monitor, and that one has been great! Much better range, no noise etc - and you can even get one with a temperature monitor (which I find very handy).

    I bought mine in the Netherlands, but perhaps you can get it via Amazon or through a friend?

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    Lenahk, Where did you buy the Philips one? We are looking for one. Thanks!

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    i hv been using a digital one, which has excellence reception as well!
    found it in baby expo

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    Look for a breathing motion pad sensor feature also.

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