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Poll: Did you have c-section or normal delivery in HK?

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Did you have a Natural or C-Section?

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    MLBW Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bekyboo44 View Post
    I think every woman has the right to choose how they give birth.
    I went into labour with my son expecting to have a VB but in the end had a c/s- in that moment when my husband and I had to choose between a c/s or trying to continue with VB all that mattered was that our baby was born safe and well- I didn't care how he came out, just as long as he did.
    With my daughter I opted for a c/s- because we decided it was safest.
    I agree that each woman must choose for herself. However, I think it's a good idea for all women to be educated about the choice they are making and not just choose one way or another because there is pressure (from doctors, family, friends...whoever) or they have heard a horror story or two (even the true ones) about one method or the other. Also, you need to know your own body. As you chose to do a c-section for the second child--you based that on your previous experience. For me, I have lots of friends who give birth at home with a midwife and advocate that--however, I nearly bled to death after I delivered and was thankful that I had chosen to give birth in a hospital. If I ever gave birth again I would do the same as I know my own body. There is a lot of good information out there. And as natural childbirth teachings say, giving birth (especially for the first time) is like jumping into a pool. If you know how to swim--you have trained your body to do that--it's not big deal. However, if you haven't taken the time to train your body (through exercise, education) when it comes down to it you can't expect that your performance will go that well. Basically, it's in everyone's best interest to do everything they can to prepare. And I think it's great the woman who posted above about doing acupuncture...that is also a form of preparation. Birth is natural but it doesn't come naturally.

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    i had elective csect but that's becos my baby was breech. In Singapore (where i gave birth) once your baby is breech, no gynae (or at least not that i know of) would be willing to risk doing a VB for u. Well, for the safety for my baby, i had to do a csect. But to be honest, i felt very robbed of the experience of VB. Altho i am worried of the pain of childbirth, yet, i was so looking fwd to giving birth naturally, contractions, waterbag breaking, pushing, all these alluded me aft all the prep (taking classes, reading up) i've done. I had post natal depression and part of it also came from not being able to accept i had given birth via csect.

    Having said all these, i do agree to each her own choice.

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    GREAT post MLBW!

    Oh Fennho, I'm so sorry you had PND after your birthing experience. I hope, should you choose to have another baby, that you get to experience natural childbirth...

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    MLBW Guest

    Studies on C-sections

    According to this
    article from July 2008, the Hong Kong C-section rate is 27 percent.

    If I remember correctly, my midwife told me that in hospitals a normal level of c-section rates is supposed to be no greater than 15%.

    Here are some other recent and interesting articles on c-sections.

    Patience during stalled labor can avoid many C-sections, study shows
    Early Caesareans Pose Risks to Newborns

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    simmy is offline Registered User
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    I had an emergency c-sec after 4 hrs of trying naturally, though it pained afterwards but i think mine healed very fast

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    beachedwhale is offline Registered User
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    hong kong / china

    i bled at 38 weeks. baby's head was not engaged at 40 weeks. there was no time to wait for natural and risk was too high.

    was so painful after c-section. couldn't really take care of my LO for 2 weeks, I felt useless. But then, we had no choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by momo View Post
    I had a c-section (breech baby) first time followed by a normal vaginal delivery.
    which one did you find less painful, dear?
    Would it be age-dependent as well? I am in my 40's.
    any advice would be appreciated...

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    TNT is offline Banned
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    Hong Kong

    IndiDay I had both my children in my 40's, first at 42 second at 44 and had vaginal for both. First was forceps though and I was prepped for a caesar in case that didn't work. Second was totally natural apart from being induced due to being 10 days overdue. Recovery much much quicker and easier the second time without the drugs and episiostomy, despite having a 10lb baby vs 8.5lb the first time. But it was also a shorter labour (only a couple of hours) and I had more sleep the 2nd time. The actual labour still hurts a lot- both no drugs during active labour but epidural was in for pushing the first one which was not good - but it is worth it for the recovery.
    So no I don't think age makes any difference (unless your ob thinks it should but that is another story! I had 2 different obs and both totally unphased by my age). Fitness levels and prep definitely make a lot of difference, especially as outlined by MLBW, but like many PP have said there is a fair bit of luck (good or bad) in it too.

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