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Stretch marks

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    Stella is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2003

    agree that if you don't want stretchmarks, be born to someone who didn't get them. Aparently they are hereditary, but oils & creams can help.
    anything that is natural is bound to be better. Watch out for any product that has an ingredient with the word paraben in it. So many of the current skincares are full of chemicals which dry out skin rather than nourishing it. Also watch out for the smell that's it's natural, not synthetic. Natural is more therapeutic. I'm using the STretched To The Limit oil. I love doing a massage at night - i consider it another way of bonding with the baby. i got it from bumps to babes. Love that store!

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    Nov 2002

    I used sweet almond oil on my bump for both pregnancies - no marks at all. All my friends who have done the same didn't get stretch marks either. And my mum had lots of stretch marks, so I don't know if it is genetic!

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    wobblyteddy is offline Registered User
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    kennedy rd

    Don't forget your breasts as they are just as likely to get stretch marks. Mine arrived there very early on so I religiously applied lotion to my belly and avoided getting a single one there! It must do somethg as my Mum has lots of stretch marks!

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    I agree stretch marks are genetically determined. I did not apply any lotion/cream or oil with my last pregnancy and did not get any stretch mark on my belly (can't say the same for my thighs though :) ). I am now in the 7th month of second my pregnancy, again I have not applied anything and do not have any stretch marks. My mother had 4 children and she does not have stretch marks. My sister has 2 children, again no stretch marks. So I truly believe that it is all genetically linked and would not advise spending too much on creams or oil.

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    JennyB is offline Registered User
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    I've been using the Aromababy oil and I think it cost $120 - a little goes a long way so you won't have to buy more than one unless you apply it several times a day!

    I know it's mostly genetic but there's no harm in using it just in case! And it feels good.

    Another tip I've heard is to avoid sudden weight gain, try to keep your weight gain as steady as possible. Probably easier said than done. I'm sure binge-eating would contribute to sudden weight gain, but I'm sure I've eaten about the same throughout my pregnancy, and I gained no weight in the 5th month but 5kg in the 6th!

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