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Gynecologists in Central

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    Dr. Joe Chan removed my ovarian cyst via a few holes 4 months ago. I am now 8 weeks pregnant after many years of trying and he is looking after me right now.
    He is wonderful, caring and professional. After all, he is not as comercial as many doctors I saw in the past. I have no hesitation to recommend him to others. His office is at the TakShing House in central, 25233328.

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    Sorry for the tardy response but yes, I did have a natural birth with Dr Ho. Whether it makes any difference, I don't know, but I walked through my birth plan with him and the first point was that I wanted to have a vaginal delivery if possible annd he said fine.
    My waters broke naturally before I started having contractions two days before my due date and Dr Ho backed up what the midwife (at Matilda) who was monitoring me said, that they recommended an epidural before they begin induction. As I always thought I would probably end up having an epidual anyway, I was happy to go with that recommendation.
    I did need some assistance towards the end as my epidural had been topped up when I was fully dilated so I had difficulty pushing. My baby was born with the assistance of (as my husband put it) "two vacuum cleaners on her head" but, with my limited knowledge, that was necessary as I couldn't really push, the baby's heartbeat was fluctuating with the contractions and I was bleeding a lot. Dr Ho was on the verge of giving me a C-section but we managed to deliver her after 2 hours of pushing.
    Hope that helps.

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    Laproscopic surgery for endometriosis

    Hi.. i have been diagnosed with endometriosis with 6cm choclate cyst. We have seen Dr Stephanie Chow and Dr Cora Ngai and both have suggested surgery. Dr. Stephanie Chow appear probably more skillful but very rushed whereas Dr Cora Ngai seems to be much patient and explains in very detail though not sure if she is as skillfull as Dr. Stephanie Chow.
    I am not able to decide who is better for laproscopic surgery. Anybody has any suggestions/experiences on who is better of the two.

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    I think Dr Lo is pretty good too.

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