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Gynecologists in Central

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    I'm close to 13 weeks and I'm having doubts about my Dr. He seems to always be in a rush and doesn't have the time to answer my questions. I'm thinking of swtiching. Anyone have any recommendations for a Gynecologist in Central or in the vicinity?


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    I went to Dr. Derek Lo and thought he was excellent. He is a very caring and warm person. Although he is a very busy doctor, we never felt rushed when he saw us as he took the time to ensure all our questions and concerns were addressed. I also found his nurses/receptionists to be really personable too. He is in Central (near Marks & Spencer).

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    Another good Dr is Raymond Ng. He's very patient and takes his time to answer all your questions. My appts were always close to 30-45mins. Even when I past my EDD he didn't even suggest a c-section. He let nature take its course.

    Check our Resources Directory for his and Dr Lo's contact info and read reviews from our other members.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Gynecologists in Central

    There's female gynecologist that I go to called Amelia Wong in Asia Standard Tower who I would recommend.

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    You probably already have enough replies and now you're more confused...but I must suggest you visit Dr. Stephanie Chow (in Cenrtral Building next to Landmark). She was excellent. My appointments with her were always at the Adventist where she also practices and I hardly ever had to wait more than 10 or 15 miutes. She is very caring, freindly and porfessional. You can read more about her on the review which I posted a while back.

    Good luck.

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    Thumbs up Great Gyn/Ob in Central

    Dr. Alexander Doo at The Women's Clinic, 3/F Central Building (HMV store), 2523 3007.

    Alex was the man for our pregnancy and birth. My wife and I are in healthcare and very demanding. He is up on all the research, had a steady hand and reassuring manner during the amnio, has all the latest scanning technology (4D Ultrasound is phenomenal) and is able to provide information and advice without being dogmatic or pressuring you into one style of birth or another. He gives you all the info you need to make an informed choice. His back-up Dr. (always know who the back up is) is Dr. Milton Leong, one of Hong Kong's finest and most experienced gyn/ob Drs. When my wife was a little glucose intolerant, they had a dietician on-hand to get us on track without causing alarm.

    My wife would likely be predisposed to choosing a female Dr. but wanted the best. Dr. Doo is also very reassuring and spends the time you need.

    We had our baby at Adventist but he also does work with other hosiptals, including Mathilda.

    Can't say enough good things about Dr. Doo & the Women's Clinic.

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    Central, HK

    Female O&G in Central

    Hi! Over the past 20 years I have used all above mentioned doctors for check ups and was still searching for the best one. For my C-section delivery seven years ago, I used Dr. Stephanie Chow, but didn't like her enourmous waiting time at her own clinic in Central and her love for chemicals. Also, didn't like going all the way to the Adventist and paying extra hospital surcharge.
    Changed to a fantastic female doctor, not too old, but old enough, next to Marks & Spencer.
    Details: Dr. Christine Choy, Care For Women,302A New World Tower, 18 Queen's Rd,C. Tel: 3112 0480, pager 7471 4701, She is very punctual, her waiting room has maximum only the two next ones with immediate appointment and is top modern and up to scratch with all the trimmings you'd want. I also like the fact that she super friendly, easy to talk to, very warm and caring and not rushy. Her consultation fee is HK$700.--
    Furthermore, she works together with a Chinese Practioner/Acupunturist who also practises at the Matilda Hospital to ensure natural childbirth/medicationsetc. whereever possible. Other doctors always want to give me hormones (which by the way are made from horse urine), instead of natural remedies. Highly recommendable (I have medical background myself so am choosy). Feel free to give my name. Take care!

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    I can't recommend Dr Philip Ho highly enough. He is in the building above Body Shop on Queens Road Central and is fantastic. Answers all your questions and came recommended to me by a girlfriend who said he is "fantastic with husbands" and he certainly was. His number is 2899 2293. He has just seen me through my first pregnancy and birth and I would have no hesitation in going to see him again next time.
    If Dr Raymond Ng is at OTP, I also recommend him although I have only seen him as a GP. He is very attentive and listens to what you have to say and doesn't rush you. He is also very much into natural remedies as opposed to prescribing you with drugs - mid way through my pregnancy I had a bad cough and part of his recommended treatment included eating kiwi fruit as opposed to giving me medication that I would have been loathe to take.

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