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How does your kindergarden affect placement in schools?

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    How does your kindergarden affect placement in schools?

    Hello Mums!!!

    We have just moved to Hong Kong and our son is now ready to go to Kindergarden. We're going to be in Hong Kong for 2 or 3 years and our transfer package does not include an educational package.

    I was told that I have to put my son into specific kindergardens to make sure he gets easy entry into ESF?

    Is this true? Which are these kindergardens? Is it possible that ESF can refuse to let my son in if he does not have "the right stuff"?!?

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    My children all attend ESF schools. Two of my children went to Starter's on Tai Hang Road. They have a large turnover of students who go on to ESF schools. It is cheaper than the ESF kindergarten if money is an issue. I don't think it is the kindergarten but more the abilitiy to speak English. If you are concerned I would contact the ESF school in your catchment area and find out what their criteria are. I think they usually like you to apply in nearly a year in advance as they have interviews in January for the April reception and September intake. Depending on where you live there might also be a waiting list ... hope this helps. Judi

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    Judi, thanks for the information. We're going to visit a couple of kindergardens over the next week. :)

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    I agree that English is the most important criteria for admission into ESF primary schools.

    When you are visiting pre-schools its important to ask what kind of admission rate they have for ESF and other primary schools.

    I know from speaking to a ESF pre-school teacher that her students who are from households where English is a second language certainly had difficulty gaining admission to their first choice of school.

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