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Holiday Stress Savers for Moms-to-Be

Written by Reika/Mayarya on Tuesday, 26 November 2013. Posted in The Next 9 Months

Stop stressing and start having fun

Holiday Stress Savers for Moms-to-Be

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hen I was pregnant, I used to stress out when Christmas party invitations came rolling in. While all of my friends were happily planning for a night out, I’d be the only one worrying about falling asleep in the middle of the festivities (or committing some other pregnancy-related mistake). If you’re in the same place I was during my last two pregnancies, you have my sympathies. However, don’t let it stop you from going out and having fun. Follow these three simple tips to enjoy the holiday season... even with a baby bump!


1. Stay comfortable and don’t give up on your style. 

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up on all the fashionable trends.  The key to dressing chic and sexy is to have fun and incorporate your bump into the look. Surprise your friends and partner by showing off your beautiful curves with these outfits!  


(left) Adding a belt gives shape to the dress and accentuates your curves.  Use belts made out of soft material, like ribbons, for comfort. Stella dress HKD 2,950

(center) Keep your edge! Who said pregnant women can’t wear leather pants? These under-the-bump leather pants are super cool but also super comfy.  Slacks & Co Dallas faux leather skinny treggings HKD 1,850; Slacks & Co Sofia collarless blouse HKD 1,100.   

(right) Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! Wear gold jewellery to make your face glow.  Maternal America gold beaded shift dress HKD 1,850




2. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep! 

Go ahead and take a nap before the party. The first trimester can be especially tiring, so listen to your body when it tells you to rest.  The sudden craving for sleep is caused by elevated levels of progesterone and it's totally normal.  Here’s a secret: I once passed out on the couch because I was so exhausted from just running a few errands!


(left) Indulge in a super comfy PJ set with nursing access.  Amoralia Button nursing top HKD 495; PJ pants with pockets HKD540

(center) Feeling romantic?  Hot Milk butterfly print silhouette nightie HKD 679

(right) Relax with your favourite colour, pink!  Belabumbum mum nursing cami & pant set HKD 849



3. Take care of your swollen feet with a warm soak.

Swelling is common during pregnancy - about half of all pregnant women experience swelling around their ankles, particularly in the last trimester.  Swelling is triggered by increased pressure in the veins of your legs, and by your baby exerting pressure on the big veins in your groin. Unwind after a night out by soaking your feet in warm water and gently massaging them with these delightful foot care items. 


(left) Enjoy the sweet soothing water and just relaxErbaviva Mommy-to-be milk bath HKD 420


(right) Use this moisturizing balm to treat tired and swollen feet. Erbaviva Refreshing organic foot balm HKD 265



Reika is the founder of Mayarya and a mother of two adorable children. Go to to find maternity outfits that are both stylish and comfortable. 


Sheung Wan store: 26 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, HK

Stanley Plaza store: Shop 104, 1/F, Stanley Plaza, Stanley, HK





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