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How to Choose Antenatal Classes How to Choose Antenatal Classes

Written by Yvonne Heavyside on Monday, 23 February 2015. Posted in The Next 9 Months, Labour & Birth, Health & Nutrition

Thinking about joining an antenatal class in Hong Kong? To help you find the right class for your needs, Yvonne Heavyside of The Family Zone explains the factors to consider when choosing a class, and what types of courses are available in Hong Kong.

When I first started teaching antenatal classes in Hong Kong, there was very limited choice in the type of class and location. Most couples attended classes associated with the hospital in which they were to deliver, and if these were full they either went without or sought private classes. Now there are many different classes available, and whilst choice is always a good thing, it can also be a bit overwhelming and confusing. You might wish to consider some of the points I have outlined below when deciding which antenatal classes to choose.

Antenatal Care In Hong Kong Antenatal Care In Hong Kong

Written by Ólafia Aradottir on Thursday, 25 July 2013. Posted in The Next 9 Months

Antenatal care saves lives. Olafia Aradottir, a nurse and midwife from Iceland and the latest expert to join the Annerley team explains why.

In Hong Kong, as in much of the rest of the westernised world, when you learn you are pregnant, you take it for granted that you will follow a programme of antenatal visits. After the initial excitement it can feel that the checkups are a bit tedious and over-fussy, especially when all that the healthcare practitioner seems to do is check your weight, urine and blood pressure, but it is exactly these checks that provide the first indicators of a problem.

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