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Kids' Chinese Horoscopes 2016

on Sunday, 01 November 2015. Posted in Break Time!, Life in the +852

It’s that joyous time of year again, but before we swing into the Year of the Monkey find out what 2016 has in store for your little ones.

Kids' Chinese Horoscopes 2016

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Want to know what's in store this year for your precious tots? Our Chinese zodiac inspired predictions will give you an insight into dealing with your little ones in this year of the Fire Monkey!

Curious about what kids born in the Year of the Fire Monkey are like?

Fire Monkeys are a fiery ball of fun. Their intelligence, determination and curiosity will keep parents on their toes. Their witty personality and baby babble are enjoyed and admired by many and often makes them the life of the party. Monkeys are very honest but be prepared for some white lies on occasion.

Monkey (born 2004, 2016)

Cheeky monkeys are known for being intelligent, a bit stubborn and super friendly. Watch out parents you may have your hands full keeping up with an early crawler/walker (don’t forget about baby proofing), talker (be careful what you say in front of your little tot) and a social butterfly (best to set up a shared calendar on google). Seriously, newborn Monkeys are nothing but pure joy and you have nothing but fun and adventure as you get to know your little playful munchkin.  Tween monkeys will continue to be social animals and it's fascinating to watch them swing from activity to activity.

Goat/ Sheep (born 2003, 2015)

Your loveable sheep is friends with everyone and is one of the kindest and most trusted of the zodiac signs. Your little lamb’s patience and positivity ensures they have numerous BFFs in their flock. However 2016, will be a rocky year for little ones, and rather than take on the problems of the herd they need to focus on themselves. Parents, enrol your youngster in a few classes, singing, dancing, speech where they are the centre of attention. And as this is not their year for making major decisions, we suggest you don’t let your lambs choose your next family holiday.

Horse (born 2002, 2014)

2016 will bring lots of exciting experiences for your little pony. Talented horseys will be rewarded for their hard work and will receive both fame and fortune. Guide them on how to save their extra dollars and get a little piggy bank where they can put some of their new found wealth. Friends will flock to your little celebrity and surround them with love and respect. Teen horses will be signing up for Facebook and will become super social. Control their time online and educate them about oversharing or they’ll be galloping in circles thru the Interweb and creating profiles that will haunt them in the near future.

Snake (born 2001, 2013)

Your charming snake will have a relatively good year in 2016. There will be a few obstacles along the way. Interviewing for kindergarten places will be a tad stressful for you, but your confident youngling will smooth talk the interviewer, wrap them around their little finger and will slither through fantastically. First day of school jitters are non-existent with snakes as they rely on their innate serpent wisdom and coolness to tackle any situation. Teen serpents will also be put through a series of tests both social and academic in the coming year. Don’t be worried, your snake will please you with their hard work, excellent choices and have you beaming with pride.

Dragon (born 2000, 2012)

Your natural born leader has had an amazing first year at kindy, and the year of Monkey will be no different. Their fiery hearts and charismatic personality wins them friends and followers wherever they go. However, as they love to please they do tend to overextend themselves and will need some parental guidance to teach them to say “No” on occasion. Teen dragons will need to focus on their studies as they prepare for their end of year exams, and will need lots of support from their parents to realize their ambitions. Also on the forecast for 2016 is young dragon love! Parents be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Rabbit (born 2011)

The last five years have hopped by and your sweet little bunny will be starting P1 in the fall. Your timid little hare will need some prepping for the big day. We recommend organizing a couple of playdates with classmates over the summer to ensure an easy and stress-free start. Their kind and soft-spoken nature allows the bunny to make friends quickly and they will win the hearts of classmates and teachers instantly. Rabbits can also be very sensitive and like their privacy. Those who rub their fur the wrong way will soon realize this, and will have to learn to proceed with caution in future.

Tiger (born 2010)

2016 will be a challenging year for your cub and will be packed with changes and surprises. Your resilient tigers will pounce and adapt swiftly to challenges, but may need a helping paw to steer them in the right direction and keep their cool. Being a risk-taker makes your little kitty purr with excitement. Enrol them in a few after school activities and see them thrive with their new knowledge and skills. Leading the pack is a very important to tigers, but it's imperative they be cautious and re-think activities before going on the attack as they may not obtain the outcome they desire.

Ox (born 2009)

The Year of the Monkey will be a better year for your little calf with the love and support from Mom and Dad. All their hard work will finally pay off and that lead role in the school play or recital could be in their reach. Beware, the Monkey may try and push your little one off course, but your sturdy calf will remain strong and determined and have you beaming with pride. The honest Ox, is known for being straightforward and kind-hearted and wins them numerous friends wherever they go. However, they are creatures of habit and will need a bit of a nudge to graze new pastures and open their world to new experiences.

Rat (born 2008)

Monkeys and Rats get along famously and 2016 will be nothing short of fun, games and achievements for your little critters. With this in mind, we suggest introducing your clever ones to a new sport or musical instrument and sit back and watch them excel. Your talented rodent will be able to handle any challenge put before them and will bask in the attention. Rats are also gifted with an amazing sense of humour and will share their love of “knock knock jokes” to all around. Be warned parents as your little ones hate failure and will expect some hearty laughs from you both.

Pig (born 2007)

2016 will be another fantastic year for your easy going piglet. They seek out the fun things in life and are a pleasure to have around. They also make good confidantes and are always there for their friends in time of need. But keep an eye out for those who will try and take advantage of your little one’s kindness and generosity. Your shy piglet can be a recluse at times, and will opt to stay home than attend a friend’s birthday party. Mum and Dad this is where you need to step in and give them a slight push and give them the confidence they lack on occasion.

Dog (born 2006)

The Year of Monkey is a good time for your cute pup to break out of his/her routine and open up to new adventures and experiences. They’ll be new friends and opportunities which will get their little tails wagging. But they’ll need some guidance on curbing their enthusiasm and making wise choices. Patience is a trait your little doggy lacks and with practise they can avoid future disappointments. Dogs are the most likeable and loyal zodiac, and friendships this year both new and old will develop deeper bonds.

Rooster (born 2005)

An important year for your little chicklets, who are finishing up their final year of primary school and will be flying into secondary in the fall. Emotions will be running high as it will be the “last” of many things your chicks have enjoyed over the years. The chaos of the year may bring some tears and with your support they’ll get through it. Fret not as secondary brings many new adventures and opportunities for them to raise their wing and participate. Before long they will be strutting their feathers down the school corridors and be leading the brood.


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