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Admission Deadlines for the 2016-17 School Year

on Tuesday, 01 September 2015. Posted in Parenting the Preschooler, Life in the +852

Admission deadlines are coming up for international kindergartens and primary schools for the 2016-17 school year!

Admission Deadlines for the 2016-17 School Year

Finding the perfect school for your child and then successfully applying for a spot is stressful even for the most organized parents. To help make the process a tad bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of admission deadlines and links to each school’s admission page. Plus, schools without a strict deadline we spoke with to figure out when the best times to apply.  Good luck!


Note: Each school has different age cut off dates for P1. Remember to check with the school to make sure your child’s date of birth falls between the dates accepted for the incoming year. 



American International School
Early Childhood L1 (age 3): open all year round
Early Childhood L2 (age 4): open all year round
Grade 1 (Age 5): open all year round

American School Hong Kong (NEW in Tai Po 2016)
Kindergarten - G6
(Tip: New school with spaces in every year. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your child)


Nursery (born Jan- August 2014): October 16
Kindergarten (born 2013): October 16
Year 1 (born 2011): October 16


Australian International School
Reception Year (born before 30/4/2012): end of November
Preparatory Year (born before 30/4/2011): end of November
Year 1 (born before 30/4/2010): end of November
(Tip: Applications can be submitted 2 years before entry)


Carmel School
Ganeynu Programme (ages 1 – 3): no deadline
Preschool (ages 3 – 5): no deadline
Elementary (ages 5+): no deadline
(Tip: submit no later than April if seeking a place for August)


Canadian International School
Pre-Reception (born 1/9/2012 - 31/8/2013): October 31
Reception (born 1/9/2011 - 31/8/2012): October 31
Preparatory (born 1/9/2010 - 31/8/2011): October 31
Grade 1 & 2 (born 2010 - 2009): October 31
Grade 3+: January 31, 2016


Chinese International School
Reception (born Sept 1, 2011 – Aug 31, 2012): October 15
Years 1 – 6 (born Sept 1, 2010 or earlier): February 28, 2016


Delia School of Canada
Pre-Grade 1B (born 2012): open all year round (rolling basis)
Pre-Grade 1A (born in 2011): open all year round (rolling basis)
Grade 1 (born in 2010): open all year round (rolling basis)


ESF Kindergarten and Primary Schools
K1 (born 2013): October 31
Year 1 (born 2011): September 30
Year 7 (born 2005): September 30


German Swiss International School
Kindergarten (age 3): open all year round
Primary (age 5): open all year round

Harbour School
Pre-K,  Kindergarten (ages 3 – 5): open all year round
Grade 1 (age 6): open all year round
(Tip: submit applications early as the school is expanding as it moves to its new premises in Ap Lei Chau fall 2015)

Hong Kong International School
Reception 1 (age 4): February 1, 2016
Grade 1 and above: open all year round, can apply upto 2 years prior to entry


Hong Kong Academy
Pre-K1, Pre-K2, Kindergarten (ages 3 – 5): open all year round
(Tip: submit applications early, as group assessment being from mid-March)


Harrow International School
K1 & K2 (ages 3 – 5): January 1, 2016
Year 1 (age 5 – 6): October 1 (adding one more Year 1 class in 2016)
Year 2 and above: January 1, 2016 (adding one more Year 6 class in 2016)
Year 12: November 1


International Christian School
Reception 1 & 2 (age 3 – 4): November 30 (Local applicants)
Pre-Grade 1 (age 5): November 30 (Local applicants)
Overseas applicants deadline is February 1, 2016

Island Christian Academy
Year 1 (born 2011): September 30


Reception (age 4): open all year round (rolling basis)
Year 1 (age 5): open all year round (rolling basis)
(Tip: Applications are accepted from birth)


Korean International School
Reception (age 4): open all year round (rolling basis)
Year 1 (age 5): open all year round (rolling basis)
(Tip: submit applications before end of December, as the interview period begins from January/February 2016)


Japanese International School
Reception (age 4): November 30
Year 1 (age 5): November 30


Nord Anglia International School
Year 1 (age 5): open all year round
(Tip: apply before December as assessment begins in January/February 2016)


Singapore International School
Preparatory Year 1 & 2: October 31
P1: October 31

Yew Chung International School
Early Childhood: Oct 31 (Assessment commence in November)
P1: December 1 (Assessment commence in January 2016)


Passed Deadline:
Victoria Shanghai Academy
Year 1 (age 5): March 31, 2015

Schools to Watch Out for in 2018
Malvern College Hong Kong

Following the IB curriculum the school will be based in Tai Po and will cater to children from 6-12 years old.

Shrewsbury School
Following the British national curriculum, the Shrewsbury School will be opening in Tseung Kwan O and will cater to primary school children from 5-11 years old.






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