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Preparing for Preschool and Primary School Interviews Preparing for Preschool and Primary School Interviews

on Thursday, 28 March 2013. Posted in Parenting the Preschooler, Life in the +852

Navigate your way through Hong Kong’s education system for your little one with our tips on preparing for that interview.

The first few months of each year can be a fraught time for many parents as schools’ interview season descends upon us. It’s not just the private international schools who conduct interviews for potential students, local and international kindergartens and pre-schools carry them out as well. For many parents there is a feeling that their child’s university choice could be pre-ordained before their schooling has even begun! Parents who are new to Hong Kong are often surprised that such a thing as the pre-school interview even exists! So how can parents help their children to sail through the interview to the school of their choice and what can be done to smooth the way for parent and child alike?

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