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Introduce Yourself

  1. 0ze_Kid
    Hi, welcome to the Aussie/NZ Parents Social Group.

    Feel free to post here and introduce yourself.

    I'm 0ze_Kid, I am currently in North East Melbourne with DH, my two gorgeous DDs and my oldest, Molly - an 8 year old Russian Blue. I had my first child on my early 30s and have lived throughout the eastern states of Australia and Hong Kong.

    Returning to HK for my third stint (so far one without kids and one with one child and pregers with my second) in a couple of months and looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones!
  2. Monty
    Hi Oze_Kid,

    I'm originally from Melbourne too! I was feeling terribly homesick a couple of months ago thinking about all the things I miss about Melbourne but keeping busy moving apartments, studying my Masters and being pregnant has kept my mind off my homesickness.

    My hubby and I were from Parkville and miss the lovely and green spaces of Princes Park. We however have just moved to Pokfulam and I am finding the green space of the area much better!

    Introduction - this is my first stint in Hong Kong. Been here for a bit over a year now and am pregnant with our first baby. Hubby has lived in HK before so is on his second stint here. Originally from Melbourne, we are both Aussies and going back for our wedding in August.

    HK is a very interesting place and I am just enjoying being an expat and the opportunities being in HK affords us while we can!
  3. babyaidan
    Hi Oze Kid,

    Well I'm an Aussie having lived in UK for 10yrs and now moving to HK. Be lovely to meet other aussies when I get here. Do you guys meetup regularly if so fancy another person joining you?
  4. Elaine Roberts
    Elaine Roberts
    Hi Oze Kid,

    My husband is from Napier New Zealand and I'm from Philippines were currently living in Fuzhou China. We have been here for 6 years now and I am now pregnant with our first child. Were having problems with where to give birth coz we don't trust doctors here in China so we are planning to give birth in Hong Kong. Can you advise us where to go from here? Thank you!
  5. Vinnie
    I'm from Brisbane now living in HK for last 15 years. I've now got a 3m girl and home till after Easter. We live in Quarry Bay and I'm open to meeting up with other Ozzies/Kiwis for chats and support.
  6. missy64
    Hi Oze_Kid

    I am originally from Brisbane and have just arrived in HK a week ago. I lived in London, Singapore, the States and now Asia again. I have a 7 y/o boy and 4 y/o and going to be living in Pokfulam. My husband is English and also an adopted Aussie. I would love to meet up with some follow Aussie's for a beer or more.
  7. eebee
    Hi there

    I'm from Melbourne originally and arrived in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to be living in Star Street (Wan Chai/Admiralty). I have a 6 month old son and am keen to meet up with other Aussie mums.
  8. Sooney
    Hello. My husband, one year old daughter and I have just moved here from Melbourne. I miss my family and friends so much. Would anyone like to catch up for a coffee / play date? Anne-Maree
  9. hf23

    I'm from Sydney and have lived in Pokfulam, HK for a year now. I have a 6 month old daughter. I would love to meet for a coffee or play date as I miss Australia so much and would love to meet some other Aussie mums. Please PM me if you are interested in meeting :)
  10. lemonjellynz
    Hi, I have moved here this week from Sydney, but am originally from NZ. Spent 12 years in London also. I have a 5 year old in school and a 2 year old girl. I am not working and am very keen to meet up for coffee or wine! So far am feeling very positive about the move but can see that I have a few challenges ahead. Living at the moment above Kowloon Station in a serviced apartment, can meet anywhere Central also. Cheers Paula
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