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What do you miss the most

  1. 0ze_Kid
    I talking with DH about the move back to HK we have been talking about the things we will miss and a wondered if others think the same.

    DH says:
    Blue sky
    Ocean (specifically big waves)

    For me...
    Family but as we don't live in the same State as them I am not sure that it will make a big difference.
  2. Monty
    Here's my list!

    1. Clean air and clear blue skies;
    2. Safe and affordable fresh food;
    3. Cheese, olives and bratwurst sausages from Victoria Market;
    4. Being able to drive my car to Coles and fill up the boot with a week's worth of groceries and not having to go back for a whole week;
    5. Being able to jog around Princess Park with my hubby;
    6. Seeing my husband for the whole weekend (he works 6 days a week here);
    7. My family and family gatherings;
    8. Always having someone to visit on a quiet Sunday afternoon;
    9. Freshly brewed coffee that is made properly;
    10. An abundance of green areas, parks and bike tracks;
    11. Yarra Valley winery trips;
    12. Bakeries that know how to make real fresh crusty bread;
    13. Hearing nothing but trees rustling and birds chirping when I open the window;
    14. A backyard and house to live in;
    15. Enduring friendships (so many people seem to leave HK all of the time).
    16. My MUM!

    As you can see I miss quite a lot of things about Australia!
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