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Babies around Kennedy Town area?

  1. May2010 mom
    May2010 mom
    My baby boy is 4 months old, I'm looking for playmates for him. We're living in Kennedy Town.

    Anyone with babies about this age would be interested to meet up in the area?
  2. sharrie_t
    Hi my daughter is born in July and we live at belcher's. I'd love to meet up probably sometime in November as things are a bit hectic now without a helper. I've an almost 3 yo as well :o) Sharrie
  3. Jules007
    Hi there,

    I've just come across your link and although only gave birth in October would enjoy meeting up with some locals! I'm also living in the Belcher's.
  4. newinhk
    Hi All - I live in Belchers as well, and my daughter is just about 5 months old. I've never taken her on a playdate before and I'd love to start now! Would be great to meet other moms as well. When is your next meeting? I'd be happy to have everyone over.
  5. lodao
    Hi, I just registered myself at GeoBaby for my son who was born in May. I hope he can meet some more friends of her age.

    I live in the building opposite to the Belcher's. I can see your pool. It's beautiful especially at night. :-)

    Please PM me if you don't want to make it public..
    Hi, I've recently moved to Hong Kong and living at The Merton. I have a son also born in May 2010 (he's almost 7 mths now). Would love to meet up with moms and babies in Kennedy town area. Please let me know the next time you have a meeting
  7. mansha
    Hi ladies, I also live in Kennedy town right opposite Belcher's and my son is 4 months.Would love to meet up with you all.Could you please let me know next time you all have a meeting.Thanks.
  8. lodao
    please email/facebook me.. littlemax2010 (at)
  9. sharrie_t
    Hi ladies, I've just checked this playgroup again and it's grown into a decent size. Since we have babies around the same age, live within 10 mins of each other and keen to meet up, it makes sense to arrange for a playgroup soon. I'm a full time mom so can meet every morning when my eldest is at school. I'd suggest Belcher's playroom for initial meeting next week (I know a handful of us stay at belcher's). It's spacious and quiet when the older kids are at school. We can bring some baby toys and even breastfeed (with cover). Please let me know by email so I can set up a time and day. [email protected]
  10. lodao
    Both of us need to work. Would be cool if you can also arrange some activities on Weekends. Thanks!
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