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active group?

  1. saimama
    Is this an active group...?
  2. chenschmitt
    Hello Saimama,

    I'm new to Hong Kong an am living on the South Side, too. Nice to meet you here!
  3. NNN
    Hi saimama and chenschmitt

    Lovely to hear from fellow Southsiders. I'm generally free most days, and gravitate to Stanley from Tai Tam. If you fancy a cuppa and a chat...
  4. mrstee
    Hello Ladies! Have you all been able to meet up? I moved to Tai Tam end-October 2009 and have not been able to meet many Mothers as it seems that most Mothers are working. Please keep me posted about the next meet-up. Would be interested!
  5. sarahrose
    Hi there,

    I live on South Side and have an 8 month old girl. I'd love to get out and meet with some of you - in Stanley maybe?

    If this is still an active group, I hope to hear from you soon.
    All the best,
  6. elle
    Hi Sarah, i'm not sure if this is an active group, but i'd also like to get out and meet some ladies in Stanley. Have a one month old baby and am still new to staying at home/ not working. Take care, Elle
  7. saimama
    Hi all,

    I thought the group was completely inactive... But hey we got reponses! Should we plan for a date and time to meet, say in Stanley? I work part-time and am free to meet Thur PM or Sat. My little girl is almost a year old.
  8. TaiTamMum

    I'm Mum to a 2.5 year old boy, and am free weekday mornings to meet up for a chat over a cuppa. I'm based in TaiTam, and end up in Stanley a few mornings a week. It would be lovely to meet other Mums.
  9. superhappy
    Hi All, sounds like we need to just set a time, place and day & see who turns up. I have a 3 month yonng little girl and I'm in Stanley. I'd love to meet up. If any of you would like to give me a call my number 9153 6277 and I'm Cat. Why dont we try to meet 2pm next Thursday 18th at Spiaggias at the end of Stanley Main Street for a coffee/juice/drink. Anyone keen? I'll be there anyway! Hope to see you there with babies! Cat.
  10. sea princess
    sea princess
    I was wondering if this group is active still? I have a newborn baby girl, my second, and was wondering if there are any Stanley/south side mums catching up during the week? I am free most days except for Wednesdays and live in Stanley.
    There was a southside mums group a few years back, but it has dissolved now all the kids are at Kinder or school, so it would be lovely to start one up again. PM me if anyone is interested.
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