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Playdates - Mums and Bubs in Midlevels

  1. walnutlemon
    I'm a mum with a 15 month old bub who's growing up a tad too fast! He fancies himself an explorer of sorts, with the kitchen cupboards his latest conquest - who would have thought cups and mugs can be so fascinating?

    If you're a stay at home mom too with toddlers who're going stir- crazy at home, we would love to meet with you. We can set up coffee mornings or afternoons in the Midlevels, the little ones can stretch their muscles (and maybe pack a punch or two!), and mums can crack a laugh or two in these toddler days of madness!
  2. Zuzana
    Hi walnutlemon. I know how you feel but my boy is few months older (just coming up to 20 months).

    We live also live in Midlevels so I'd be up for a meet up in afternoons.
  3. walnutlemon
    Hi Zuzana,

    Bet your little guy is really active at that delightful (or perhaps challenging) age! It'll be great to meet - how about this Wed 6 Oct in the afternoon? I'm gathering up a couple of other moms too.
  4. specialk
    Hi everyone,

    We are new to Hong Kong...arrived last month! I'd love to join your playgroup with my 22 month old little girl. She's very active and loves being around other babies.

    Look forward to hearing from you!
  5. Zuzana
    Hi walnutlemon

    You couldn't say it better about the delightful/challenging age of my little guy! We're free this Wednesday afternoon - will pm you my contact details.

    Hi specialk, welcome to HK. Hopefully we'll all get to meet up.
  6. walnutlemon
    Hi Zuzana and specialk,

    Great Zuzana, looking forward to meeting on Wed - I'm thinking Starbucks on Hollywood Road, does that work? I'll PM you my contact details.

    specialk - I hope you're settling nicely into Hong Kong, it's such a great city really! Looking forward to having you join us on Wed. PM me your contact and we can firm up details.
  7. cool
    hi I would like to join the playgroup for midlevels. when is your next meeeting
  8. rks
    Hi, I would love to join as well. I have a 13 month old girl. Let me know about your next meeting.
  9. Fullstop
    Hey there.. i live in pokfulam but i am a working mom. My son just turn 1 but he still couldn't walk. I've been busy choosing nursery school for him but seems though cuz he was born in oct 2009.

    Anyway it's nice to join you guys whenever we get a chance. I am a local chinese though. :) take care.
  10. walnutlemon
    Hi cool, rks and Fullstop,

    Thanks for your messages. I've been away the past couple of weeks and just saw your posts. Our group meets up every week - on a weekday, in the afternoon - our coming meeting will be on Tuesday Nov 9. If you're interested to join us, PM me your contact details and we can arrange.
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