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Creating Mum & baby group

  1. shermartelle
    Hey all... I am in DB in fact. Expecting baby # 1 Nov/Dec. I finish work in 6 weeks & would like a mommy group to meet with as of October. Tung Chung or DB is fine. Any takers for a coffee or lunch?
  2. naz
    Hi, I am due around Dec too. Love to meet up. My number is 90734439. I am based in Tung Chung and have a fairly free schedule ;)
  3. nymong
    Would like to join. I just delivered about 3 months ago. Baby is doing fine and I am back to work already. Looking forward to meet some new friends. my email : [email protected]
  4. mahesh05
    We just moved to tung chung and would like to meet people and become friends set up playdates for the kids my son is 3 years old.
  5. Jzlyn
    hi all... I am a new mom in tung chung. baby girl was born in 05/02/2011. would love to meet other moms in the area for tea and chats!
  6. rachtkbabe
    hi all, i am relatively new to Tung Chung. Just moved here 3 months ago. Baby girl is now 7.5 months. Would love to meet other moms in the area too!
  7. lily1983
    Hey all, I am a mom of almost 4 months old baby boy, i'm a Korean. have been in hong kong and living in Tung chung for 3 years though now is ready to meet moms as myself a new mummy. I would be very happy if anyone want to meet up for a short break with a cap of coffee.
  8. Pip223
    Hi all,
    I am currently 6 mths pregnant with my first child. Due early November
    I am just wondering if anyone can tell me of any mothers groups that would be worth joining now or once I have had the bub? I am living in tung Chung.
    Thanks Pip
  9. Ingela
    Hi all,

    We have a playgroup in Tung Chung that started about 3 months ago. We're about 10 mums from different parts of the world, all stay at home mums living in Tung Chung, with kids between 4 months up to 5 years although most of them are around 9-17 months.
    We meet every Monday at Tung Chung Cresents clubhouse, next to the fountain by the MTR station. In between some of us also meet up for a coffee, go swimming or just go down to one of CC playgrounds.
    Come join us if you like. My mobile no: 60747402
  10. Pip223
    Hi Ingela,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Sorry I am responding so late!
    I have finally finished work and have 6 weeks to go before my due date!
    Will you be at the tung Chung crescent club house next Monday?
    It would be great to come and meet you all as i now have time on my hands!
    My number is 90433348
    Thanks Pip
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