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Any dads here?

  1. shri
    Trying to figure out how many dads use this site regularly.

    Do reply!
  2. 1sttimedad
    Just getting on it. Does not seem active.
  3. lanciple
    Just trying this site out too. Looking for peoples in HK
  4. saheed
    Just joined...
  5. AussieDad
    Seems a little more dead than other groups on geobaby. But yes, I'm a Dad and use this site. Is it mostly Mum's on here or something?
  6. MagJ
    Maybe not regularly, but perhaps I should!
  7. claudelin
    Joined it, friend here.
  8. jchan5
    just joined. Not active.
  9. Moonlight
    I am a mom, feeling so lonely after browsing this site in the past few visiting a city after a blast... Posts are years old. Most pages I walked into, I got a pop up about how old the post is and the system suggested me to start a new one on my own?!

    This group is on top of my list so I guess it is the last ever active post and here I am trying to talk to someone.....
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