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  1. jaz1311

    My boy is 2 years 3 months and we are at shatin. Sure would be great if they can meet and play.
  2. megan2008
    Yes, I agree :) There is the Charlie Brown play area by the one shopping mall (not sure what it is called) that my daughter enjoys playing at. Would you be interested in meeting there? Or are there any other places that might be fun for the little ones?
  3. oreomama
    hi mummies!

    i am new to HK, my new place is at Ma On Shan (NT). I have 2 boys, 3 yrs+ and 21 months old. Would love to meet up with u mummies & babes for playdate or just mummies chit chat! :)

  4. chingi12
    hi mommies
    I would also love to join, we live in castello shatin
  5. trailingspouse
    Hi everyone,

    I have 3 boys, twins aged 4 and a younger son aged 2.5. I live at the Chinese University of HK, (v near ma on shan and shatin). My older 2 are at school all day, but I am often around and about with my younger son and would love to meet up one morning if you arrange anything. We could meet in Shatin park perhaps, say 10 am one morning?
  6. trailingspouse

    I will be in Bumbletots in Ma On shan from 10 onwards this morning with my youngest son as well as a few other local mums if anyone would like to join us. I have on a distincitve black skirt with owls on, about about 5 ft 6 with brown hair and blue eyes, and my name is Claire, so please pop over and say hi if you fancy a chat.
  7. kamilla
    Hi there:) i am mommy with 11 month old daughter Elizabeth. Want to join your playgroup. Please let me know,when and where? Tanks. Cheers
  8. chingi12
    hi gals ,
    Lets plan a playgrp date with d kids this week at BUMBLETOTS.
    if anyone interested den PM me
  9. Alisha1
    Hi Guys, I'm Alisha, I moved back to Hong Kong in October with my little boy who's two, and he loves playing with children. Whenever he see's toddlers in the Park he goes round saying: "come friend, play friend', and 9 times out of 10, the child walks away; and it breaks my heart.
    I've starting working, however, I would love to put in the effort to meet other mommies with children the same age!
  10. wendzi
    Hi there. I'm a stay-home mum with two little girls, Gwenyth 2 years 8 months and Kristyn 11.5months and would like to join your next playdates. We live in Taipo so it is pretty easy for us to go to Ma On Shan or Shatin. Bumbletots is great. We were there just this Monday.
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