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Working mother of 7 and 5 working in Central

  1. Alproosh
    Where are great places to take kids during the weekend?
    What happens when your Kids get too attached to the maids?
    Why am I the only working mother in the office?
    Let's chat over drinks or dinner!!!
  2. NewBabyLA
    Hi, Im a FT working mom in Central with a 6 mth old - would love to meet other working moms.
  3. buzzbar
    i am a full time working mom too with a 10 months old boy living in midlevels. Would love to cacth up with other working moms and get my boy to socialise.
    where do you all live and shall we meet up soon?

  4. Janeym
    Hi, I have a boisterous 2 year-old and would love to meet other working mothers who enjoy talking over a big glass of wine
  5. Cathwal
    Am full time working mother of a 5.5 month old. I would love to meet mothers in similar situation for gossip, wine, sanity you all still meet up? I live in mid levels and could do with meeting someone else in the same boat. Most of the mothers I meet are Stay at Home Mothers and there are NO working mothers in my office. Anyways would be great to hear from you.
  6. Cathwal
    How about OOla or Bacar or somewhere in Soho.?
  7. KateCl
    I'd love to join! Maybe on a weeknight, after work? I have a 1-year-old (just turned 1 today!) and live in TST, but work in CB. Anywhere in btw the 2 works great!
  8. marie313
    hi i have a 4yr old and a 18 month old and also work full time. please count me in on any medicinal after work boozes!
  9. Cathwal
    Perfect how about the first week in October? would be fun to meet other working expat Mums, dont think there are that many of us :) .... Share a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a chat? Feel free to pass me a private note/message with contact details and we can arrange via sms etc.
  10. Cathwal
    so typical of us working mothers..great idea but when? :) bit mad up until the week of 27th but still want to meet up..please respond if you are up for it..
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