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Just arrived from Australia :)

  1. Liz-Aust
    Hi there,
    I just arrived from Sydney and will be moving to Tai Koo Shing in a couple of weeks. I have a 3.5 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son. It would be really nice to meet you all and your kiddies. Do you meet regularly? Also, can you recommend any good kindergartens and primary schools in the area?

  2. Violet A
    Violet A
    Hi Eliza

    Welcome to Taikoo Shing & Hong Kong!

    Please feel free to join us! There are now a few of us meeting up every Friday morning at 10am in front of Fusion (near the Quarry Bay Park). Let me know if you are not sure of where this is.

    There's lots of good schools in this area and you can talk to other mums in the group whose kids go to international schools in the area.

    I am also from Sydney and have a 21 months old daughter with another one due any day now.

    Anyway, hope you can join us and please give me your email address so I can include you in the group email if you like!

  3. Liz-Aust
    Hi Rachel,

    Great, looking forward to meeting up! The fusion is just near my new place.
    Do I just include my email address here or is there a way to privately send to you?

  4. tongr
    Hi, Rachel and Eliza,

    I am a local Chinese mum with a 4 years old boy. I also lived in Sydney for a few years in the past for studies. I am interested to help my son to find more playmates from different culture. Can I bring my son to join any of your future gathering? I don't know how to send my email to both of you privately. Please advise.

  5. Sooney
    I am from Melb and just moved here three weeks ago with my husband and 1 year old daughter. We are moving to an apartment in Nth Point Hill and my husband works at Cityplaza. Can we join your play date on Fridays? Thanks, Anne-Maree
  6. 3Tower
    Hi Ladies,

    Please send me your e-mail address and I am happy to include you on our group list so you know what are the schedule of meet ups. Looking forward to meeting you tongr and see you again Sooney.

  7. katfroggatt
    Hi there, i have just moved to HK in March and would love to join your next get together :)
    My son has just turned one and i live in sai wan ho. My email is [email protected]. Look forward to meeting you all :)
  8. Evie
    Hi Ladies,

    Does your group only meet Friday mornings? I live near Quarry Bay MTR (husband works in Taikoo Place) - and my 7 month-old son & I spend most of our time together wandering the various phases of QB Park. But I also work most days, so just wondering if there is the occasional weekend activity....

    Email is [email protected]

  9. annieannie
    Hi everybody,

    I live in Quarry Bay and have a 9 months old baby girl. I am from Denmark, and arrived in HK 8 years ago. I am ethnically Chinese but probably feel more like a Dane so looking for some expat mums to share with and hope my baby can meet some other babies as well to play with.

    Would you and some other mums be interested in meeting up?



    [email protected]
  10. jordana
    Hi everybody, we moved to HK two weeks ago, live in Sai Wan Ho area, and my 3ys old girl started to attend nursery school in the mornings. I often go to Cityplaza and would love to get known some other mums from this area. I am hoping to hear from you. Dana
    [email protected]
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