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young mom wants to meet

  1. kamilla
    Hi everyone! I live in Hung Hom, i have 3 month baby and want to meet someone like me.
  2. TTong
    Hi Kamilla, I live in Hung Hom with 2 girls aged 2 & 3. PM me if you want to meet up.
  3. reenakhanna
    hi kamilla,
    i'm reena. i have two girls 5 and 2yrs old. we have just moved into laguna verde after having spent 7 years in manila. we would love to make friends :)
  4. LCleary
    Hi. I live in Hung Hom with my 2 month old son. Would love to meet up if this group still happens.

  5. kamilla
    Thank for you all,lets meet somewhere:)
  6. bubblesmiao
    Kamilla, i have a boy who's 5 months old now ... do you wanna form a baby playgroup ???
  7. kamilla
    hello:) do you have any ideas?
  8. miabn
    Hi, back in Denmark where I come from we have maternity groups, we just take turns meeting up, drinking some coffee and talk about our lives (which are hugely exciting efter babies have arrived ;) like hi honey today Ellen almost crawled 3 times....) anyway I would like to meet up, maybe at a cafe or family restaurant, we have only been here for 3 weeks so I am not so familiar with the area :)

    Mia (29 years) and Ellen (7 months)
  9. kamilla
    hello.So glad you write me:) lets meet somewhere.
  10. miabn
    Ok, do you have a place you want to meet? Maybe you know a nice cafe :)
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