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Baby social group in Hunghom Bay

  1. rocknrollmon
    I am a first-time mother to a nearly 4 month old baby girl. Looking for other stay-at-home moms in my area to meet.
  2. hershahc
    I am also looking for other moms to meet. I have a girl almost 2 years and second baby on way.
  3. cutetots
    hiya, i am a first time mother of a 11 month old baby boy. keen to join there's one coming up.
  4. Tami
    Hello, I am a working mom with a 3.5 mth baby boy. Hope I can join you if you have any gatherings at weekends :)
  5. TTong
    Hi, we moved to Hung Hom on 8th May. My girls are aged 2 & 3. I am a full-time mum. would love for them to meet friends.......and to have a chat with other mums. T
  6. reenakhanna
    my girls are 5 n 3! we're in laguna verde and would love to make friends
  7. katetong
    HI, I have a 8-months boy and would love to have him get in a group with other babies. Are there any meeting?
  8. LCleary

    I live in Hung Hom area and have a 2 month old son. Would love to meet up.
  9. mumbo

    I have just moved to Hung Hom with my 15mnth old son. I amlooking for new mummy friends in the area, as I really miss my mummy friends at home and would love some conversation during the day

    I have noted the past ads here were posted sometime ago, but is there anyone out there who would like to arrange a mum and baby meet?

    Love to hear from you.
  10. ayashige0121
    I have moved to Hong Kong (hung hom area) last month.
    I have 1 year & 10months old girl (almost 2 years old). I'd love to meet other mums in the area :)
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