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Mom's job

  1. samy-hk
    A mom working at home is taking care of her baby? or has anyone got any ideas of taking care of the baby and at the same time earn money staying at home?
  2. MaiYe
    direct marketing business. in which i'm just starting off with. good thing is i'm already a user, and they arrange seminar/workshop on the afternoons in which the schedule fits into the working at home moms.
  3. carang
    i used to teach english privately, but now run a playgroup. (i guess i don't really work from home anymore!) hubby and i also run a dog boarding business from our home.
  4. 0ze_Kid
    sub-editing, copyrighting or writing are a few things you could do.

    carang, I would consider you WAHM. You still do all your planning, the dog boarding business is from home too!
  5. merryma

    I am doing senior executive search (or headhunting as it's commonly called), focus on banking and finance. My company is HQ in London, and I am based in HK searching for executives based across Asia.

    Nice meeting you all :)
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