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When will you start introducing solids?

  1. hkmeowchan
    I have started when my bb is 4+mo, she is so excited with all new food, but doctor said it's better to start after 6mo, any comment from yours?
  2. Mymyinhk
    I think that the rule of 6 months is for safety purpose as generally bb's digestive system is not mature enough before 6 months for supporting other foods than breastmilk or formula. However, bb will tell if he/she's ready or not with solid anyway. If yours starting having chewing motion and else, she could be ready to explore new foods... i suggest to continue with introducing solid. Just give a few spoon of one type food for 3-4 days, then change to something else. Applesauce, carot, pumpkin, sweet potato, pear are good to start with. I started solid with mine at 4 months half and he is really fine. At the beginning it may take them 2 days to have a poo, then quickly back to normal... U know ur bb better than the doctor, so u decide ;)
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