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  1. tjwalk
    Hi, My name is Tiffany, 34, and expecting my first baby Feb 6th. I live in mid-levels and work in Central. I just moved to HK this summer from NYC and am looking to best understand HK before this little one gets here. I'm struggling to even find a a crib I like (at a reasonable price). Would love to meet other moms and share my learns... not to mention prepare for mom-hood!
    I'm also new to this whole blogging thing, so please let me know protocol if I'm under/over communicating.
  2. yuann_teoh
    I'm 32, a first time month with a 9 week old baby girl. I am currently on maternity leave until Feb 2013. Partner and I moved here from Melbourne about 2.5 years ago. Would love to catch up with other moms soon. :)

  3. CharC
    Hi girls,

    I have just arrived in HK (as in, on Tuesday) and am looking for new or expecting mums too. I am 34 and due with our first mid jan 2013. I'd love to meet up...

  4. calbrown
    Hi Ladies,
    Firstly, congratulations - hope you're all enjoying pregnancy :)
    I am 32 and expecting our first baby March 2013. My husband and I have been living in Tokyo and Shanghai for the past year and now I am back in Melbourne until the babe arrives. We relocate to HK August 2013. I know I am doing early research - but I'd like to create some connections with new Mum's that are living in HK, so as to feel part of a community. All the best with the arrival of your bundles of joy and hope to cross paths with you in the future and feel free to stay in touch.
    Callie x
  5. Moonlight
    Hello Callie and everyone else

    I bump into this page and thought I should leave a quick note to encourage and congratulate to all of you.

    As in "new" to motherhood, I might be too old to motherhood because I have a son who is 8-yo and in primary school. We are praying for our second one but no luck so far. Still learning to be a better mother everyday.

    Just in case Callie or anyone else would like to get to know more about HK or the community, I might be to help. In fact I am trying to find coffee group or mommy meetup but most of the posts are old...

    So I am starting some here and there in this forum. I suppose you can check them from my profile and response if you are interested. However, sending me a PM/ private message should be the fastest way if you are busy :)

    P.s I live near to the Olympian city and willing to travel, preferably weekdays daytime before 1500hrs
  6. digitaldiva
    Hi there,

    Is this group still active and meeting up ? I'd love to join if you are. If not I'd love to start it again its a great idea.
    Im 39 and a first time mum with a gorgeous 4mth old baby boy (I'm slightly biased) and would love to meet other moms.
    If any of you are still open to meeting up do let me know.
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