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Time for a new thread - baby in Hong Kong and no helper

  1. eebee
    I'm a mum to a busy nearly 9 month old boy and my husband and I have decided that we do not want a live in or full-time helper while in Hong Kong. I didn't have one at home, and to tell the truth find the whole idea a bit alien... I really enjoy spending each day with my son. Yes it is hard work, but with a bit of simple organisation (eg. online supermarket shopping, taking out some laundry and of course a baby carrier!) it is totally managable so far. We do have a housekeeper that comes once a week and a babysitter who sits in the evenings when my husband and I wish to go out.

    Anyone else out there who has chosen not to have a helper? Would love to hear from you.
  2. KeHK
    Hi eebee,
    I have a 2,5 months old baby girl and manage perfectly fine without a helper. We also have a cleaning lady who comes once a week, but that's it. To be honest, I wouldn't know what a full-time helper would do all day if we had one. I love to take care of my baby by myself and both my husband and I love to cook, so there's no problem for us either. We also order the heavy things online and buy the rest of the groceries in a nearby supermarket.
    So far, we always brought our baby with us when we went out for dinner in the evenings, but I can imagine it might get trickier once she is more active or even crawling.
    Since I'm not the kind of person who goes for massages, manicures, hair dressing, etc. very often, I'm fine with taking care of our baby all day on weekdays and occasionally run some personal errands on Saturdays which also gives my husband some "alone-time" with our little one.

    Happy weekend and cheers from Kowloon!
  3. burrcl

    I'm due late July, but so far we are thinking that we won't get a helper (I'm not working so kind of don't have an excuse I think to have one now seeing as back home I worked full time, and STILL did everything!). As you say, it just seems very alien to a lot of Westerners in particular.

    Where did you find your babysitter eebee - that's the kind of thing I think I'll miss - not having family around to drop the baby off to for the night? I do go to the gym regularly now, so have been wondering how I could continue with that post baby, but don't think it warrants a full time helper by any means!
  4. Violet A
    Violet A
    Hi guys!
    We don't have a helper either - we have a 19 months old and another one coming in April - so far, we have managed although as I am getting bigger, I am getting more tired easily to do house chores. We do have someone come in once in a while to do some ironing and cleaning for us but that's about it. I would love to have a reliable babysitter here; we have only been out on our own a couple of times when my parents in law were in town!
    My husband is keen to get at least a part time helper but I find it really weird having someone else to clean up after us.. I guess it's something I am just not used to and given when we go back home we won't have such luxury so something I don't want to get used to!!
  5. spajunky
    Hi All,
    I've been here a year and am still resisting the helper question. Same as you I have some help with the ironing a few times a week but that's all. We also would love to have a babysitter. Maybe we should start a babysitting circle? I know that my Mum and her friends used to do this and each time you babysit for someone else you accrue points that you can use to ask for a babysitter. That way you all have to take turns helping each other out.
    We recently had a scare with our daughter when she had a febrile convulsion and now I'm unhappy leaving her with any 'part-time' helper as who knows whether they would be more worried about getting in trouble with immigration if an emergency situation occurred and they had to take her to hospital.
    Or are there any agencies that can provide trained babysitters? It really would make a huge difference to be able to go out together for a change!
  6. burrcl
    Hi All,

    I've just found the links for these two via another thread - looks perfect for ad-hoc babysitting options, and possibly help for me when baby arrives!

  7. eebee
    Thanks for your responses everyone, it's nice to know I'm not alone!! I found our babysitter through Gumtree

    She had experience sitting for other expat families, so came with good references. There are trained nannies advertising too though, as well as the regular helpers looking for p/t.

    We tried Rent-A-Mum for a night when we first got here, and the sitter we got was fantastic but it was quite expensive for a regular option.
  8. nino
    Hi Everyone,
    We have an almost 2.5 year old and two dogs. We get along pretty well with no helper - no lunches out during the week and very little time alone, but I haven't really minded yet. We have someone who comes in three times a week for cleaning and since my daughter turned two, we've asked her to come in on Saturday nights to babysit, which has worked out really well. I'm not sure how it will work if/when we have a second child; walking two dogs with a toddler and a newborn will be a challenge!
  9. Ingela
    Hi all,

    We have a 7 month old girl and we don't have a helper either. We have someone who comes 1/week to clean which is great but that's it. I don't mind, don't think we really need anything else. I love being able to take care of our daughter, it's a previlige :)
    Those of you who hired a nanny for the night, how did it work with the nanny and your baby/kid? I'm just worried about leaving my baby with a stranger, silly maybe but I can't help it.
    Also, just wondering if any of you want to meet up sometime to let the kids play, maybe grab a quick cup of coffee? We live in Tung Chung but we could met up other places as well.
  10. cathryn
    I dont have a helper either, I have a 3 year old boy and another one on the way and I dont see why I would want someone else to look after my children. I had children because I wanted children, not because I want someone else to take care of them. It seems expected you should have a helper and especially now I have another one on the way, the first thing people think is that I will be getting a helper soon. I have a lady that comes in and does my cleaning and ironing which is great, I hate those jobs and it gives me more time to do the most pleasurable thing I can do in life - be with my child as a mother should be. If a mother is at work then I understand it more, but for a mother to not be working and have someone look after her children and her house - what does she do all day? I would get bored....
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