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Looking for play group for my 7 month old boy

  1. maayanmg
    Hi are there any playgroups that anyone knows of that my 7 month old baby boy can join on HK island side?

  2. Cathwal
    Hi there, I have been trying to find one without much success...I am happy to do a playdate, I am in Mid levels and have a 6 month old daughter. can only do Fridays Im afraid as I work. Cheers Cat
  3. Migu
    Hello, I would be interested in joining your play group too; I have a daughter who will be soon 6 months old. Please send me a pm with your contact details. Cheers!
  4. Cathwal
    Just sent you msg with contact details hope to meet you all very soon :)
  5. monsalhotra
    Hi there - I have a 7month old daughter, have you guys had any luck in setting up a playgroups. I'd be interested in joining - we live in the midlevels. Thanks!
  6. bluefish_29
    Hi, my daughter is almost six months old, we live in the mid-levels. We are new to HK (arrived in June) so would love to join or create a playgroup! Cathwal, monsalhotra, I am sending you a PM with my phone number.
  7. memeron
    Hi everyone,
    I just moved to HK with my family 3 months ago from Tokyo. I'm a full time mom with a 7 months daughter. I would like to join the play group too. Thanks!
  8. Cathwal
    HI Bluefish,

    did you send me a PM? I didnt get one. Anyway still happy to meet up. Can only do Friday's if okay. Its still quite hot outside so perhaps meet at a cafe or somewhere? Hope to see you soon! You too Memeron? :) Cat
  9. hf23
    Hello! I have an 8 month old daughter and would love to meet for a playdate. Have you met or are you meeting as I'd love for my daughter to make some new friends (I wouldn't mind some new friends either!).
  10. minestrone
    Hi everyone
    My 8.5 month old daughter and I would love to join your group. If you are still open to new members, could you send me a PM on when and where the next playdate is? Thanks!
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